Common questions by FARMERS LIKE YOU

Are you stuck on where to start and knowing how you benefit? Here are some answered frequently asked questions by Farmers like you.

What is the Latia Apprenticeship Program


The Latia Agribusiness Solutions Apprenticeship program is
a social enterprise program that is aimed at not only
delivering quality skilled labour to agriprenuers but also to
create jobs for the youth that have acquired these skilled and
have yet been employed for their skills.

How Many Skilled Interns are ready?

600 skilled interns from various institutions in all regions of the country have been trained and prepared by Latia Agribusiness solutions to meet your farm needs and also to help you invest wisely as they have the proper insight on what will cost you money with out returns and what will make you money.

Do I need an Intern on my Farm?

Yes. As the key entreprenuer in your agribusiness venture you might not find yourself all the time to stay at the farm. Your are best positioned on the market research side and how you will sell your products. As the investor you need time to get the market before you actually harvest your products to save you perishability losses. This is where the skilled intern who has been trained by Latia Agribusiness solutions comes in to help you run your farm with full efficiency to ensure you make more profits season after season

What are the other benefits to a farmer?

Since the intern will be deployed by our senior consultants and trainers your farm will frequently be visited by Latia consultants to monitor your progress, the farmer will get free consultancy and market analysis, key decision making on the right inputs will be aided by experts from Latia .

In which counties will the program run?

The program will be fully executed on all farms in all the counties on Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique and Zambia.

How do I get an Intern for my farm?

After you have identified your area of need on your farm, feel free to fill in the next form or contact us on 0790281187 or +254716431054 for direct placements.

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