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POSITION: Accountant COMPANY: Agribusiness LOCATION: Isinya, Kajiado county ACCOUNTING JOBS RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensure books of account are up to date on Real-time basis. Prepare accurate Bank reconciliations on a monthly basis. Ensure all statutory returns are filed within deadlines Receiving and Posting of Invoices after ensuring accuracy. Preparing Payments after reconciliations and ensuring all documents are […]

Beating Plant Pests

Beating Plant Pests for grown vegetable crops such as tomatoes, pepper and cucumbers involves implementing a variety of strategies in order to alleviate problems with insect and mite pests, including the use of insecticides or miticides. However the first line of defense in dealing with insect and mite pests (e.g aphids, mites, thrips, and white-flies) […]

Silage production

Silage production is fermented, high-moisture stored fodder which can be fed to cattle, sheep and other such ruminants (cud-chewing animals)] or used as a biofuel feedstock for anaerobic digesters. It is fermented and stored in a process called ensilage, ensiling or silaging, and is usually made from grass crops, including maize, sorghum or other cereals, […]

Banana Plant Pest

Bananas are moncoyledonous herbaceous plants, not trees, of which there are two species – Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana, native to Southeast Asia. Most banana cultivars are hybrids of these two species. Read more at Gardening Know How: Info On Banana Plant Pests – Learn About Banana Plant Diseases A number of insect pests […]

RainWater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting as  method of utilizing rainwater for domestic and agricultural use is already widely used throughout the world. Rainwater harvesting is a method which has been used since ancient times and is increasingly being accepted as a practical method of providing potable water in development projects throughout the world. Rainwater Harvesting; Importance Water is […]