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Plant Diseases

Disease fungi take their energy from the plants on which they live. They are responsible for a great deal of damage and are characterized by wilting, scabs, moldy coatings, rusts, blotches and rotted tissue. This page is designed to help identify some of the more common plant diseases and provides earth-friendly solutions (see organic fungicides) […]


Banana is one of the popular and tasty fruit in the world. It is very beneficial for health. It is suitable fruit for every age of people. In this post, we will share all about banana cultivation like varieties, propagation, soil and climate, sucker selection, land preparation, planting, irrigation, fertilizer management etc. Benefit of Banana Banana […]


Plants use inorganic minerals for nutrition, whether grown in the field or in a container. Complex interactions involving weathering of rock minerals, decaying organic matter, animals, and microbes take place to form inorganic minerals in soil. Roots absorb mineral nutrients as ions in soil water. Many factors influence nutrient uptake for plants. Ions can be […]


Poultry production refers to the keeping of domesticated birds for either domestic or commercial use. The primary products are the eggs and the meat. In some countries feathers are also of considerable importance. These birds include common chicken, turkeys, ducks and geese. Guinea fowls, quails and pigeons are also gaining importance as emerging poultry species. […]