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“How much should my pig be eating?” A question many pig farmers ask. The two most important parts of your pigs’ nutrition is the proper type and amount of feed and a fresh, clean water source. Knowing how to use supplements for added fat, muscle, body, joint protection, etc. are all very valuable tools, however […]

The Square Foot Gardening

Square foot garden (SFG) is the name given to an intensive gardening method that employ specifically sized raised gardening beds.Maybe you’ve seen them those highly organized raised beds divided into perfect squares, each featuring their own variety of plant. They sure are look beautiful, but is this method known as square foot gardening effective? This […]


Biofumigation is defined as the use of biologically active plant substances to control soil-borne pests and diseases in agriculture and horticulture. It is based on incorporating soil amendment (fresh plant mass, manure) into the soil, which will release several substances, known as isothiocyanates (ITC’s), able to suppress soil-borne pests, plus a soil heater to enhance […]

Soil Solarization

Soil solarization is a method of controlling soil-borne pests (soil-borne fungi, bacteria and nematodes) without application of pesticides by placing plastic sheets on moist soil during periods of high ambient temperature. The plastic sheets allow the sun’s radiant energy to be trapped in the soil, heating the upper levels. Transparent plastic allows a more effective […]