Education & Training

Through practical training and coaching we build knowledge, skills and competence of a new generation of Agripreneurs who will lead the growth of productive and profitable farms and firms in Africa…


In partnership with research agencies and manufacturers we disseminate we bring to farms and agribusiness new and innovative technology including improved farming inputs, greenhouses…

Business Incubation

We Incubate new Agribusinesses (farms & firms) through the difficult start-up phase. Our incubation provide premises, infrastructure, machinery, training & coaching, inputs & technology and access to markets.

the numbers you need


5000 Trained

Commercial Farmers


500 Skilled

Farm Managers


200 Off-site

Incubation Farmers


20 On-site

Incubation Farmers


5 Countries

Around Africa


20 Trusted

Partners over the years

Our Training programs are Nationally Accredited

The institution is fully certified by the Technical And Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETTA) of the Republic of Kenya. We run an Apprenticeship program that is competency based and geared towards producing skilled and productive manpower for agribusinesses.

Our College is fully accredited and works closely with industry and government to develop training program relevant to the market. A strong Agripreneurship component in the program ensure graduates experience the real world of Agribusiness



Our Partners