Latia exists to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of agricultural skills and practices and to foster linkages between sector stakeholders aimed at promoting agricultural productivity in Africa.

About Latia Agribusiness Solutions

Latia Agribusiness Solutions(LAS),  is a business support services provider to the Agribusinesses in all sectors. It facilitates Agribusinesses (farm and firm), to access markets, farm products, technology, financial services and workforce solutions. It delivers these services through an agribusiness ecosystem consisting of local and international companies who have come together to address the needs of Agribusiness in Africa. The Ecosystem is a “one stop shop” where agribusinesses can conveniently access services they need under “one roof”.

Our Services

Training and Workforce Solutions

Latia Agripreneurship Institute (LAI) under Latia Agribusiness Solutions Limited, is a Kenyan registered college under TVET Act as a Technical Vocational College (Reg. TVC/0042/2016). LAI uses an industry led, market driven and competency based approach to deliver a broad training program referred to as “Apprenticeship”.

Access to Technology, Inputs & Financial Services

Latia facilitates agribusinesses’ access to mechanization,digitization and automation systems to increase productivity and efficiency as well as promote sustainable production.

The technologies promoted by us include ICT management systems, farm automation and mechanization, inputs, value addition systems

Project Management

Latia is a business ecosystem and a one stop shop where agribusinesses (farms & firms) can access all products and services it requires to operate commercially viable enterprises.

We create synergies and partnerships with different service providers to offer comprehensive agribusiness solutions.

Access to Markets

 Latia is active in the development of robust value chains and agribusiness clusters which gives producers better access to stable & reliable Markets.

Our market interventions are designed to shorten the food supply chain and provide direct contact between producers and consumers.

Kitchen Gardening
Do you live in an urban area? Do you have space where you can setup a kitchen garden but do not know how to? Or do you already have a kitchen garden that has not been doing well and would like to revitalise it? Would you like make extra money in the process? Would you like to know how you can conveniently do this?

Limited opportunities available


Over 5000

Commercial Farmers


500 Skilled

Farm Managers


200 Off-site

Incubation Farmers


20 On-site

Incubation Farmers


5 Countries

Around Africa


20 Trusted


Areas Of Expertise

Vocational Education & Training in Agriculture

Agribusiness incubation programs

ICT solutions for Agriculture

Staffing & manpower solutions for agribusinesses

Value/supply chain development

One Stop Shop for Agripreneurs

Our Training programs are Nationally Accredited

The institution is fully certified by the Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA – registration no. TVC/0042/2016) of the Republic of Kenya. We run a competency based training that is geared towards producing skilled and productive manpower for agribusinesses.

Our College is fully accredited and works closely with industry and government to develop training programs relevant to the market. A strong Agripreneurship component in the program ensure graduates experience the real world of Agribusiness


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